Kendall Katwalk, August 7, 2016

Once again I hit the trail with the 40+ Slackers meetup to Kendall Katwalk off of Snoqualmie Pass. This section of trail is part of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) segment that goes from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass (the whole section is 70 miles.

Stats for Kendall Katwalk per WTA:

12 miles round trip (we tracked about 13.25 with GPS), Gain 2600 feet, high point 5400 ft

Northwest Forest Pass required

For directions, trip reports and more info go to:

We set out on a drizzly Sunday. To be honest I think we got three seasons of weather on this hike, sun rain, chill in the air…but it was just fine. The clouds moved around during the day opening up the views every once in a while. The road tp the trailhead and parking were both pretty easy. We parked in the upper lot which by the way had a more pleasant outhouse. The one closer to the trail was more pungent at least on this particular day. The trail starts out pretty soft underfoot with a gradual climb. The blue berries at the bottom are almost ripe. They were still a little tart. The ones at the top were still green. The flowers in the lower elevations were also mostly done with exception to some paintbrush and fireweed. Eventually you get into some rocky sections and the mountain views begin.

You continue up through some more rocky bits, watch those ankles and through a great wildflower section. You start to feel the gain here. If clear, you get a nice view of I-90. Pretend it is a river and you may not mind too much.

You go up a couple of long switchbacks and eventually round a bend. If you have a fear of heights don’t look down. Once you are around the corner it isn’t too much farther to the Katwalk. Our group did this hike in June and it was the trail was inaccessable due to snow. Make sure you check trip reports if doing this trail early or late in the season.

Eventually you make to the Katwalk. If you keep going on the trail in about a mile you will get a view of a lake, and if you are ambitious enough to backpack you can make your way to Steven’s Pass.

*Note – some photos are out of sequence. I tried to keep the various sections of the trail together but some are a mix of inbound and outbound trips as the views changed with the cloud movements.