St. Edward’s Park, August 21st, 2016

Sorry, no pictures for this one guys. This is a nice local hike if you are looking to get out somewhere close by and want to stretch your legs. There are a series of trails in this park some hikers only, some shared with Mountain Bikes.

I could not find details on the WTA site, but here is the State Park page: Saint Edwards Park

This is a state park, so it requires the Discover Pass.

I could did not dig to find trail distances but we essentially did two loops. The outer loop is a bit longer, possibly close to 3 miles. The inner loop is slightly less steep. I think in total we did about 5 miles. On this particular day the trail was dusty because it hasn’t rained for a while. I have been on this trail many times though where it can be very muddy. Basically, if it has rained recently expect mud. If it is a nice day you could take a swim down at the beach at the bottom.

I am told that a trail was built connecting St. Edwards Park to O.O. Denny park, which happens to be one of my favorite swimming beaches. I have not ventured out to find where this trail starts/connects. I hear it is steep.  There are maps at the trailhead, and there is a ranger office if you need a day pass. If you dig a little you can probably find maps online as well. Happy Hiking!