Christmas Snowshoe at Gold Creek Pond, December 25, 2016

What a gorgeous day. On Christmas day I set out to Gold Creek Pond with a few of my hiking buddies. We lucked out with a gorgeous, sunny day! Thanks Santa! Gold Greek Pond is at Snoqualmie Pass. To reach it, take exit 54,  miles east of Snoqualmie Pass, exit I-90 turning north under the Freeway. In a few hundred feet from the highway interchange, turn right on FR 4832. Be careful not to turn back onto the freeway. In about a mile or so you will see cars parked for the trail along the road. On this particular day the highway was bare and dry, but the forest road was icy. Come prepared. This snowshoe requires a snow park permit which you can get online.  It costs $20 for a day pass follow the link here Snow Park Permit.

We figured we did about 4-5  miles around the lake plus up the gold creek trail to another pond.

The trail Starts at the Gold Creek Snow Park sign.


Gold Creek Snow Park

If needed there were two porta-potties at the trailhead, I recommend bringing hand sanitizer and TP just in case they are out. On the day we went out the main trail was pretty tramped down. You could hike this in just boots if you stick to the main trail. We kept left and followed the trail around gold creek pond. If feeling adventurous go off trail a little and try out your snowshoes. DO NOT walk across the lake, while it may look frozen, I wouldn’t risk it. On the day we went, it was pretty clear one edge was not frozen all the way through.

We were hoping there would be fewer people with it being Christmas day, but no such luck. There were a lot of people out enjoying the good weather. We made the best of it and went off trail in a few spots When we arrived the fog was hiding the mountains but as the day went on it cleared exposing the snowy peaks.

You eventually come to a point where there is a peninsula out on the lake, this is safe to walk out on and it is worth checking out. The little park bench there was almost completely buried in snow.

Continue around the lake and take in some other vantage points. So pretty! Eventually you will meet back up with Gold Creek Trail. This takes you back up the road past some private properties to another pond.

Again, the rest of this trail was pretty tramped down and you could do this without snowshoes if you wanted to try it out. Or you could break out some cross-country skis. Either way it made for a great Christmas/Hanukkah outing with friends.