Return to Gold Creek Pond for an Animal Tracks Identification Snowshoe, March 5, 2017

I returned to Gold Creek Pond on March 5th with my favorite meetup group, the 40+ Slackers. See my earlier posting from Gold Creek pond for distance, parking pass requirements and directions.

On this trip, one of our group members was very knowledgeable about animal tracks. We tried to go off trail a bit and look for various tracks. We found squirrel, rabbit and I believe bobcat. I regret to say I did not take pictures of any of the tracks, but it was very interesting. About three quarters of the way around the lake, part of our group got split from the rest (we were enjoying the views/picture-taking) and unfortunately missed when the rest of our group turned off the trail to get near a creek. Luckily, later we were able to find them. Gold Creek is an easy snowshoe and it is a lot of fun to go off trail and explore. There is very little avalanche danger here so it is a great place for beginners.

We had a lovely day out with great company. I was amazed at how much more snow there was from my last visit. The picnic table near the lake was completely covered  and the lake was mostly covered with snow. There were some people walking across the ice, but this is something I would not recommend doing. Stay safe out there and have fun. Here are some pictures from my day.