Sauer’s Mountain, May 13, 2017

On May 13, I headed to Sauer’s Mountain with my favorite meetup group, the Over 40 Single Hikers and Adventurers. This hike begins on private land, so please be courteous to the land owners. If the parking lot is full, opt for a different hike and if you bring dogs please make sure they are on a leash. The land-owner asks for a donation to park on his land (or you can buy some of his son’s wine), and he was friendly and helpful when we arrived. I heard a rumor that this trail has been closed since we went, but the WTA site does not indicate closure and the last trip report was from June 11th. It is worth noting that this trail is not one you would want to do on a very hot day. It is pretty exposed, and I imagine it would be pretty awful if it was very hot out.

Here are the stats per WTA website:

Sauer's Mountain

Some of Mr. Sauer’s artwork

6 miles round-trip, gain 2,000 feet, highest point 3116 feet.

Area: Central Cascades, Steven’s Pass

For more information and driving directions, see the  Washington Trails Association Page.

On the first part of the trail through Mr. Sauer’s property enjoy the funky artwork, there are some totems and signs that add a little something different to this trail.

The trail is steep and narrow through the first section, take care where you step to let other hikers pass, etc. (Not advised for someone with extreme fear of heights.) We managed to hike this trail during the right season, the wildflowers were abundant –  balsamroot, lupine, bluebells, phlox, and a more! So beautiful.

As you ascend, check out the views of the valley below you. If clear, there is also a great view of the Stuart range. I loved the orchards and fields below us. So lush in the spring!

At the half-mile point you come to a fork, the left fork offers views of the Wenatchee River valley as well as views of the Stuart range and the Enchantments. The right fork offers a shady path through the forest to the summit. Take either fork as the trail re-connects at the one-mile point, just before the viewpoint.Sauer's Mountain The trail is marked at half-mile points to help you keep track of your distance.

Eventually you cross onto National forest land and an old logging road. Continue through the forest until reaching the summit of Sauer’s Mountain, where there are excellent views of surrounding peaks. There is a helpful sign indicating various peaks.

You can continue up the trail from this viewpoint. We ended stopping at another highpoint with an interesting Cairn where we stopped for our lunch before returning to the car. Overall, a nice spring hike.