Return to Sauer’s Mountain, April 21, 2018

It was raining in Seattle, so a couple of friends and I headed over to Leavenworth to hike up Sauer’s Mountain. We did this a little later in the spring last year and the flowers were out a bit more, but we were certainly not disappointed.

This hike is technically in Peshastin, just outside of Leavenworth…but close enough. The WTA directions are missing the turn off from the main road, which I believe was main street.  From the turn, you will go over the bridge…then follow WTA directions. This trail is built partially on private land by Mr. Sauer. Be respectful of the land owner and his neighbors! There was recently and off leash dogs that killed one of his chickens (a beloved pet) and he was thinking about closing the trail indefinitely. For use of his trail Mr. Sauer takes either a cash donation for parking/trail use or you can buy a bottle of wine made at his son’s winery.

Here are the stats per WTA:

6 miles round trip, 2,000 feet gain, high point 3116 ft.

On the first section of the trail Mr. Sauer has put up a variety of art pieces to enjoy. Here are a few of them. I think I took better pictures of others in my previous blog post.

There was one point, where I realized we made a wrong turn and took the wrong trail up, but it joined with the main trail. there will be two turns to the right, skip the first one and take the second one. Enjoy the balsamroot, lupine and other flowers on the way up. This year the Lupine was not blooming yet, but will be soon. Also, don’t forget to look up! Check out the view behind you.

You will eventually leave the open trail and will be under the tree cover. We were lucky to catch some lilies and more balsamroot blooming in this area.

You will eventually come to a ridge that you will keep climbing up to the summit. Here you will have views of Granite Mountain as well as other peaks. Again we were treated to some spring lilies (glacier lilies).

After this there is one more steep push up. Almost there! At the viewpoint there is a sign that points out the different peaks. The trail continues from this point. There used to be a cool cairn up the trail but it is gone. I recommend just stopping at the signed view-point.

When you come down, you can go back the way you came OR you can do a loop. At the one mile point you will see a sign. Turn right here to do the loop. On this trail you get a river view which is nice.

Then make your way back to the start…don’t forget to tip Mr. Sauer for use of his trail.