Oyster Dome, April 27 2018

It was supposed to be a sunny day on Oyster dome on this day, so a couple of friends and I took the day off and went for a hike. Unfortunately, it was socked in with fog. It was still nice to get outside and to get a hike in.

Here are the stats for Oyster Dome Per WTA. I am not sure that our hiking distance followed these stats as we did a loop rather than the out and back. The loop is apparently a little longer, but slightly easier than the other option.

5 miles round trip, 1050 feet gain, high point 2025 feet.

Pass required: Discover Pass

For driving directions and more trail information please see wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/oyster-dome

We started from Samish Overlook trail, and took the trailhead to the left of the bathroom towards Lily Lake. The road up was a little rough, but you could probably make it up with a sedan with care. There are a couple of turns to look for on this route. At the first split, head left uphill towards Lily Lake.  P1020949

From this point, keep climbing until you reach the next split near the lake. Take a left here, where they have conveniently placed a map so you can get your bearings. Go a short distance, then follow the signs to Oyster Dome.

You will come upon another split in the trail, which either leads back to the trailhead (this is the way to go on the way down) or up to Oyster dome. Keep on going until you get to the viewpoint.

We had some spots of sunlight and spots of fog on the way up which made an interesting canvas for photos.

The middle section when you reach the second turn at Lily Lake was a bit swampy (but not muddy on the trail). There was quite a bit of skunk cabbage, no bugs while we were there, but I could see this part getting buggy when it is warmer.

Finally the view at the top, or lack there-of. We will have to come another day to see catch the view of the Puget Sound/San Juans. Here are my lovely hiking buddies.

Oyster Dome

Sorry Per, I didn’t Photoshop in what we were missing!

Going down, do a loop and follow the signs back to Samish Overlook. Don’t go all the way to Chukanut Drive in error or you will have a long walk back!