Return to East Bank Baker Lake, May 12, 2018

I liked Baker Lake so much that I decided that I needed to return to the north side on a Sunny day. I had to see the mountain views and sun streaming through the trees. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice in the rain…but better in the sun.

The road was still pretty bumpy especially near the end, but there were sedans that make it. As always, I was happy to give gas money to someone with a SUV.

Here are the stats again just in case you missed it in my earlier post:

From the north end of the lake:

9 miles round trip, 500 feet gain (net), high point 1,000 feet

Parking pass required: NW forest pass

For more info and directions see:

The trail starts out on a wide path and eventually comes to a swing bridge. I have to say I was disappointed that this bridge was not more exciting. It was very sturdy and not too bouncy. I did make a point of going out to the middle of it on the way back and jumped up and down just for fun. The WTA description makes it sound much more exciting than it was. The views from the bridge were much more impressive on a sunny day. Look! there is a mountain back there!

As you continue on the path you cross another bridge of Blum Creek – look another mountain peak that was hiding!East Bank Baker LakeAs pictured in my earlier posting you come across some impressive trees and boulders. Stop to give thanks to the trees and enjoy the little hiding spots in the boulders as you wander down the trail. There were still some spring flowers blooming along the way as well. Quite a few of bleeding hearts, a few trillium holding out…and some others that were unidentified.

Oh and…..there were still many creeks and a lot of water. The one creek crossing was still a little tricky, poles are helpful on the slippery rocks.

The one big thing that I missed last time on this portion of the trail was the views of Mount Baker. Be patient, it takes a while to get to them, but they are pretty great.

Since we weren’t cold and wet, we carried on up Noisy Creek in search of “Big Doug,” one of the largest fir trees in the cascades. We found it! We also checked out Noisy creek on the way back down.

One of these days I would like to do a backpack here. It would be a great beginner backpacking trip. Who is in?